12 Best Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Interior Designer

Want to update your apartment? Hiring a skillful interior designer is your solution! But how to choose the best one? The following 12 questions to ask them will come in handy.

The practice of hiring an interior decorator resembles a date. The questions like "Is it the right choice?" or "Do our opinions align?" appear in your mind. Before paying the invoice, you should get clear answers to the queries like that.

The challenge is that in case you have never had the experience of collaborating with an interior designer to optimize your home, you can feel unconfident and even scared! The best option is to prepare the script for interviewing based on the type of partnership you intend to get. Below, consider the 12 greatest questions to ask an interior designer in an interview.

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Before we look at interior design questions, a bit of preparatory work should be performed from your side when it comes to hiring an interior designer on a budget.

Steps Before They Hire an Interior Designer

Before you explore how to hire an interior designer, you should understand the things you like/don't like. It is the ideal starting point. If you can clearly formulate what styles, materials, colors, and concepts you prefer, it will be easier for your interior designer to exclude ideas that won't fit you. Articulating the things you are sure to admire is a brilliant start for further negotiations. To clarify what you like, we advise the following:

· Look through interior design journals.

Choose such popular and reputable magazines as Architectural Digest, Veranda, or House Beautiful. Prefer online resources? Then your choice can be Rue or Dwell;

· Find fascinating interior design concepts on social media.

Famous designers usually post a wide range of solutions from their portfolios on Pinterest or Instagram. Just click "Save" when you see the interior of your dream!

· Search for local interior designers.

Find in Google several websites of interior designers that deliver services in your area;

· Visit several interior fashion boutiques, galleries, or antique showrooms.

A truly skillful interior designer can masterly integrate your dreams and inspiration into a solution that fits you in terms of all design aspects.

Now, let's proceed with questions to ask an interior designer during the meeting.
What are Your Opportunities Regarding Interior Design Services?
Note that different interior designers deliver different suites of services. Your task is to make sure what exactly you will receive. As an example, an interior designer can offer such services as design expert opinion, site evaluation, design concepts, space planning, or project management.
In What Way Do They Schedule Interior Design Projects?
The answer to this question is a brilliant indicator of how an interior designer manages their time. Moreover, you will understand what to expect from the partnership. It is a good option to begin with info regarding how an interior designer plans the process before jumping into it.
What Components Shape Your Style? What Inspires You?
What is your design character? What is your favorite interior that you've once designed? What colors do you prefer implementing in your solutions? What room do you like most of all and why? What is your favorite place that you've once traveled to and how do you integrate the atmosphere in the design? The answers to those questions help you to discover the essence of a designer's aesthetic. This reflects how they coordinate the creative practice.
Have You Ever Implemented Similar Interior Design Projects?
This will tell you about the level of experience and qualification of your potential interior designer. In case you intend to hire an interior designer for kitchen design, you should see other kitchens the specialist has developed. If they have designed identical solutions, it will be useful for you to ask for a before/after imagery to understand whether the result appeals to you.
What is the Most Complex Thing for You in Home Design?
Asking this question helps you to get rid of potential misunderstandings in communication later when the design process is in full swing. Knowing the strong and weak sides of an interior designer enables you to identify whether this very specialist fits your solution, its scale, and time deadlines.
In What Way Did You Cope With a Mistake You Made in the Process? What Conclusions Have You Drawn?
Fruitful collaboration with an interior designer occurs when they support clients in preventing costly mistakes. Ask an interior designer about the most serious discomfort they have ever brought to a customer and the way they handled that. Their answer will brightly demonstrate the negative experience the designer has received during previous projects and what the result was.
What is Your Priority When Budgeting?
Please, don't forget to ask this question because your plans, as well as priorities regarding the budget spent on a certain design phase, may deviate from the interior designer's. You should discuss budget issues before they start implementing the solution for both parties to avoid useless conflict.
What Local Contractors Would You Advise?
Why should you ask that? In case an interior designer possesses an established partnership with construction contractors, this will help you to economize via getting a discount. Well, if they can't provide you with a discount, an interior design professional that can advise on talented contractors, is a plus. Designers are only as brilliant as their latest solutions and the performance of a good contractor is vital to a designer's successful reputation.
What Can You Tell Me About Your Latest Design Project?
Try to get as deep as possible and ask an interior designer to look at their project. The latest interior design solution will help you to get a clear view regarding whether the specialist can implement the latest design advancements and follow trends. Additionally, you can ask for feedback from the last customer to discover if they were satisfied with the solution.
What is a Must-Have for You Regarding Interior Design?
Here, you can check the designer's outlook and whether it corresponds to your taste and preferences. You will also understand whether an interior designer is detail-oriented.
What is Next in case I Don't Like the Outcome?
Unfortunately, such a situation often occurs. It can happen that your style has changed and now you want to introduce several corrections to the project. In this case, a professional interior designer always comes back to the drawing and offers a novel option. They should be ready for negotiations to optimize the project as their reputation depends on it.
What Can You Recommend to Improve Atmosphere in My Apartment?
The question doesn't refer to some psychological issues. The target of revealing how to optimize the home atmosphere is to check whether an interior designer is aware of what innovations are on the market. For example, the commentary can show whether they know something about hygge or smart living.
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