A Step-by-Step Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Sooner or later, but the moment will come. The moment when you need to start thinking about major repairs, alterations, and remodeling of the kitchen terrifies many of us. Someone just got tired of old walls, ceiling, worn-out furniture. Someone is not satisfied with the functionality of the room. Someone wants to optimize tight spaces to the maximum. In any case, the remodeling of a kitchen results in a large-scale and expensive event.

So, how to remodel a kitchen? Below we provide you with a kitchen remodeling plan which hopefully will save you from many mistakes.

Kitchen Remodeling Project Plan: What Do You Want as a Result?

It is one of the most important steps to remodeling a kitchen. The formed ready-made idea can greatly facilitate the task of finding a ready-made typeface or its elements. When a potential buyer knows what he wants, consultants of a furniture store immediately begin to offer specific options that are as close as possible to what they want.
Most people are sure that after seeing the entire assortment of the store, they will understand exactly what they need. This is a common misconception. Almost every person, having visited the first store, will surely be confused. The choice of furniture is huge, and the size of each subsequent store seems even larger than the previous one. Fatigue from unsuccessful trips will cause you to buy something that is not needed.

Before you see the furniture "live", it is worth looking through magazines and sites. In addition to stylish, beautiful design, the kitchen layout includes the following points:

  • type of construction, arrangement of furniture modules;
  • placement of a sink, hob, and refrigerator, the so-called "working triangle";
  • free niches for stationary and built-in household appliances; materials for countertops, facades, aprons;
  • presence of backlighting.

Step by Step Kitchen Remodel: Measurements

It is necessary to draw at least an approximate plan of the kitchen on a sheet of paper so that you can transfer the results to it directly during the measurements. Subsequently, the plan can be "cultivated".

What parameters are subject to mandatory measurements:
The length and width of the room. The distance between the opposite walls is measured.
Height from floor to stream.
The location of windows and doors ⏤ their distance from the walls, length, and width, the direction of opening the sashes, for a window ⏤ the height of the window sill.
The location of the heater concerning the wall on which it is located.
The specific position of the gas riser.
The location of the input of water pipes and sewerage. If you plan to change them, then it will be possible to mark their desired position on the diagram.
The size and position of the vent.

Kitchen Layout Planning

The planning process for the future kitchen will require the owners to concentrate all their creative powers if they want to make remodeling a kitchen plan successful. The work is carried out with the expectation of long-term use without additional alterations, so haste in this matter is inappropriate.

Surely the owners already have some established preferences for kitchen furniture, a refrigerator, gas or electric stove, or a hob. It means that it will be necessary to determine exactly whether this choice corresponds to the size of the kitchen, and how it will be more correct to organize the placement of all items in the room, with the expectation of the most comfortable operation and taking into account the existing rules.
How to approach planning from a practical point of view ⏤ everyone decides for himself. People with artistic talent prefer to make sketches in color. It is easier for them to imagine the future interior of the kitchen.

Go to a Kitchen Showroom

After all the preparatory activities have been completed, the decisive stage begins. A finished project and an exact understanding of how the future kitchen should look like does not guarantee a purchase in the very first store. But it significantly reduces the search time. Especially if a decision was made to use custom-made furniture.

Before making a purchase, be sure to consult with designers, and not only in one store. Inquire about discounts and promotions. You can take color ideas from the dining room for an extra mix.

Assemble the Kitchen Units

After the production and delivery of the selected furniture, the kitchen layout is completed by assembling all the modules. In this case, experts often give the following recommendations:

  • if you are not completely confident in your skill in assembling furniture, or if you have very little experience in this sphere, it is better to entrust the task to a professional assembler. Or at least look at diy kitchen renovation steps. Such a solution will surely save time and hassle;
  • the installation of household appliances ⏤ a dishwasher, an oven, a washing machine, as well as the installation of plumbing, is also preferable to entrust a specialist. One single error can lead to colossal problems in the future;
  • immediately after delivery of the furniture, it is necessary to carefully inspect it for chips, scratches, scuffs, make sure that all the necessary parts and tools for assembly are available;
Planning the kitchen in accordance with the proposed instructions will help organize all the preparatory activities and avoid all kinds of mistakes. The main thing to remember is that furniture is purchased for many years.
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