Best Living Room Colors Ideas That Go With Brown Furniture

The living room is considered to be the most important room in the house or apartment. It is a meeting place for family members, guests, and friends. It is important to make sure that there is enough space and everyone feels comfortable. It is a place for relaxation and communication, dinner, games, and cozy TV watching in the evenings. It is very important to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the living room, where we spend evenings with the whole family.

The combination of brown color in the interior is one of the most natural because brown is the color of wood, which has been the main material for both construction and interior decoration for a long time. New technologies, materials, and stylistic solutions have significantly pressed brown color. At the same time, brown furniture still remains one of the most popular solutions for decorating the living room. And an explanation is very simple: brown furniture is easy to mix with other colors so that everyone could be pleased with the color combination. If you want to come up with living room color ideas for brown furniture, read the following material.

White Elegance

What colors go with brown? The first thing that comes to mind is white. The combination of white walls and brown furniture is among the most successful combinations. The union of brown and white living rooms was called a classics of the genre. Here white is fully revealed, filling the room with freshness and spaciousness. If such a tandem seems boring to someone, then add some bright detail. This will add variety without destroying the overall picture.
Everyone knows what color compliments brown and what is the key ability. Yes, white and light interiors visually expand boundaries, but it is worth noting that even the presence of a dark tone, such as brown, will not prevent white from expanding the boundaries of the room. Of course, if white is a dominant color.

The neutrality of white allows you to use it anywhere. It could be an accent in a dark brown corner. For example, a floor lamp or decor would be a good option.

Obviously, if you prefer a minimalist style, designers advise choosing white shadows. Especially if you don't have much space. White and gray shades make the space bigger. Correctly chosen furniture will add sophisticated elements even in a minimalist interior. In this style, the walls are usually left as empty as possible.

Grey Flexibility

A calm gray-brown living room is a winning option both for connoisseurs of the classics and for followers of modern design trends. This is a respectable, stylish, and noble combination that even a layman can implement. The formula of success sounds like a "grey walls brown couch" if put it simply.
Gray and brown are not boring colors as they might seem. Both are revealed in a diverse range of shades. And to decide on the shades, look at the real dimensions and location of the living room. For a small living room, you should choose a light or moderate gray-brown range. Since dark tones visually compress the space, discard them when decorating a small room. Deep and dark shades, on the contrary, will benefit a spacious living room. They will "eat" excess free space, which will create a feeling of comfort and security.

Gray walls in the interior are a fashion trend that has entered all directions of styles and has clear advantages such as the versatility of color and the ability to combine it with other bright shades.

Deep Ocean

Blue-brown interiors look a little cool, even if there is not much blue. The neutrality of brown acts in this union even as an amplifier of a cold sensation. But this is not a minus for the interior, many people love just such an atmosphere, here you can feel the power of the earth, solid and reliable.
Usually, the largest room is allocated for the living room with brown couches, so you can use suitable combinations of brown and blue colors without restriction. To achieve greater contrast and clarity, light furnishings should stand out against the deep blue ceiling and walls. If the curtains are double, then the thin and transparent tulle should be the lightest, and the curtains should be in an intermediate tone between them and the furniture. On the entire free wall, you can stick a photo wallpaper depicting a mountainous area and a transparent blue reservoir. Cobalt, azure, lapis are colors that go well with dark brown furniture.

An Oasis in the Living Room

Everyone wants to find out what color paint goes with dark brown furniture. But the answer is very simple. Green is the color of nature and calming energy, and it looks beautiful in combination with a brown palette. This should be taken into consideration when planning an interior with green walls and brown furniture.
A small room with green walls and brown furniture appears larger if the curtains are the same color as the walls. So the window treatments will blend in with the general background and will not disrupt the continuity of the walls. You don't have to look for curtains that exactly match the color of the walls, you can take a darker or lighter shade of green.

If the room is not small and there is no need to resort to tricks to make it bigger, you can hang curtains made of a fabric of the same color as the furniture, or any of the colors present on the textile elements of the interior.

Brown furniture, especially wooden furniture, goes well with accessories made from natural materials: sisal rugs, wicker baskets, candlesticks, and wrought iron decorative details. Vases and other containers made of clear, green or brown glass always look appropriate in a room with green walls and brown furniture.

Black Charm

The psychological effect of black in the interior is often the exact opposite of the common opinion that black is equal to dark and bad feelings, revealing the death experience. Daring designers claim that this color can create an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.
The rough nature of wood brown furniture can be easily broken by textiles. Fluffy rug, soft pillows in geometric patterns are ideal items. Black walls add character to every room.

Loft Spirit

The most stylish, the harmonious interior can be impersonal and expressionless if there is no accent. A masonry wall will perform this function. Against the background of exquisite finishes, it will look expressive and bold, draw attention to itself, make the interior unique and unusual. Against this background, various pieces of furniture and decor elements look advantageous. You can see a photo of a brick wall in the living room to make sure of its ability to highlight the dignity of sofas, armchairs, glass slides, paintings, etc. Moreover, living room color schemes with brown leather furniture and brick walls are not limited in one color.
By decorating the living room with brown furniture, you can give the room its own style, creating an individual interior. Combining green, black, and blue colors, you will make the room pleasant and comfortable to live. And if you want to find out what colors look good with brown just look at the photos presented above.
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